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Learning Music is a workout for your brain!

Do you know that practicing music is a brain's equivalent of a full body workout?

Learning Music helps to improve brain functions?

When you listen to song or a music multiple parts of your brain works together, While for other activities like solving maths, sports, or puzzle or even playing chess, only few part of your brain works. This is because our body process the melody and rhythm separately and process it together.

Playing music is complex workout for brain!

But you know what, the most interesting session is when the doctors and scientists did a research on the musicians instead of music listeners, their brain was processing more complex multitasking. Yes Playing or practicing music is brain's equivalent of a full body workout.

While practicing Guitar, Piano, Violin or any other music instrument multiple areas in our brain light up. Simultaneously processing lots of information. In an Intricate, Interrelated and extremely fast sequences. Playing a ukulele, singing a song or learning piano, practicing Violin or any music instrument practically engages each and every parts in our brain Simultaneously. Especially in the Auditory, Visual and Motor Cortices. Disciplined structured practice in music strengthens these function.

Practicing Music needs fine motor skills comparing other activities. Practicing music is controlled by both hemisphere of our brain. It combines the mathematical & linguistic precision in which the left hemisphere is involved , with more creative content on the wright hemisphere . This increase our brain activities and function in corpus collosum, Which acts as the bridge between two hemispheres.

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