You can strum and sing along or improvise a riff or play finger plucking classical guitar, you can learn everything about guitar from Akira Music Academy. You can learn any genre from classical music till rock and pop. We designed our own guitar syllabus for acoustic and classical guitar which helps the students to gain the overall musicality such as aural, sight reading, musical knowledge, sight singing and theory of music.

  • We teach classical and Acoustic guitar. 

  • classical guitar, also known as Spanish Guitar/ Nylon String Guitar is played with plucking the fingers. Guitar Strings are made of Nylon.

  • Plectrum guitars are played with Guitar picks.

  • In classical guitar student aware wide range of technical knowledge 

  • In Acoustic guitar student learn to play strum along and sing or to play popular riffs.

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  • Learn the wide range of genre from traditional to rock and pop

  • Unique style of teaching enables the student to learn faster

  • Our App enables the student to learn in their own pace like increasing and reducing the tempo. 

  • We introduce them to play along with the virtual instrument at the earlier stage itself which gives them band performance experience.