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Piano is king of all instruments  whether you Learn Classical, Contemporary Rock and Pop or Jazz, its unmatched range and techniques made it so popular for centuries in all genre. Enroll Online Piano Classes at Akira music academy. 

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Electronic Keyboard is easy to learn music instrument compared to other. It has advanced technology where you can use multiple voices and add multiple tracks and effects makes easy to arrange and compose songs. Enroll Online Keyboard Classes at Akira music academy.


Western Classical guitar is played with right hand fingers instead of plectrum, It had very wide techniques which brings strong foundation for the young students. if you learn classical guitar playing other guitar becomes easy. Take Online Classical Guitar Classes at Akira music academy.

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There are many types of guitar, classical, plectrum and electric. Most common is plectrum guitar. where you play using pick or plectrum. Learn Guitar Online at Akira music academy.


You can play a solo riff or strum a song and sing along.   

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Violin is the queen of all the instruments. It can bring any emotions like Happy, Sorrow, Playful, crying. our syllabus is tailored in a way where violin where violin becomes easy to learn. Enroll Violin Online Classes at Akira music academy.


Very easy to learn instrument.

The ukulele is originated from Hawaii. It is very compact to handle and carry 

It became very popularity in the United States during the early 20th century, and eventually it spread internationally.

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