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"Unlock Your Passion with the Piano: Akira Music Academy's Specialised Online/Offline Classes"

The Piano is an instrument of passion, its sounds melodic and timeless. With 8 octaves produced when wooden hammers hit strings through pedals, it requires sensitive maintenance and a specialised knowledge to keep it in good condition. At Akira Music Academy, we proudly offer our students a chance to pursue their musical ambitions with the help of highly qualified teachers certified in the renowned syllabuses provided by Trinity College London and ABRSM.

Our online individual classes and Offline, Online Group Classes are tailored specifically for those who wish to take on these challenging syllabuses at degree-level certification levels. Our teachers provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout each lesson as they guide their students on how to interpret music notation, identify notes according to pitch or harmonic progression as well as developing technique on Grand or Upright models – not forgetting Electric/Digital ones either!

At Akira Music Academy we have something for everyone – whether you’re just starting out learning the basics or striving towards higher level certifications - our experienced team will be there every step of the way supporting your journey into this world of music discovery!

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