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Ukulele is miniature of a guitar with four strings originated from Hawaii. Learning Ukulele at Akira music academy is easy and fun.  We have created Syllabus for Ukulele. Ukulele is popular because of its size which is easy to handle and easy to carry. 

There are different types of Ukulele. Soprano, Tenor and Concert. Ukulele Price is very nominal. You can get it from Amazon for $30.

  • Syllabus created by the experts.

  • App based learning 

  • Best Instructors

  • Progress tracking gives complete solution for the students learning difficulties 

  • Develop overall musicality apart from playing songs such as sight reading, aural, musical knowledge and theory 

  • Learn the wide range of genre from traditional to rock and pop

  • Unique style of teaching enables the student to learn faster

  • Our App enables the student to learn in their own pace like increasing and reducing the tempo. 

  • We introduce them to play along with the virtual instrument at the earlier stage itself which gives them band performance experience. 

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